RGA | What We Do
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Recognizing & Affirming

Peer Support

RGA wants to recognize this large population of families and help bring awareness to local communities by encouraging them to offer a support system and a peer support network for these bereaved families.

Lending a Library

RGA provides a lending library for each chapter to share and educate participants on all of the different kinds of losses. Coping materials and interesting stories and articles are also available.

Finding a Purpose

RGA affirms that even though families did not get to keep their baby here on this Earth, no one can take away the title that they so deserve as “Mom,” “Dad,” “Sibling,” “Grandparent,” etc..  We believe that these babies were created for a higher purpose.


RGA also affirms these families by offering  weekly peer support meeting, two yearly remembrance events, other local chapter coordinated events and fundraisers to honor them and their babies. Birthday cards as well as Mother’s day, Father’s Day and Holiday cards are also sent in remembrance and in honor of their baby.